Monday, January 20, 2014

Photographer's Journal: Surprise!

Periwinkle Perfection

This photo has a spider in it, really a quite large spider. I did not see the spider until I had the photo on my computer and had zoomed in to re-touch a couple of dust spots in the sky. The bane of digital photographers, in case you don't know, is dust spots on your camera's sensor. They show WAAAAY more than dust spots on film or a lens ever did.

Anyway.... zoomed in to perfect this lovely periwinkle sky, I saw--unmistakably--a spider. And knowing where it is, I can now see it zoomed out. So... that's my challenge to all the sharp-eyed this morning: Can you find the spider? Hint: He is not a flying spider. :)

BTW, I shot this at one of my newer favorite sites. It's a small private lake just a couple miles south of Winnsboro. When I make a day trip to Baton Rouge, I try to allow time to stop on my way down and again on my way home.

On this occasion, I got back to the lake in the late afternoon and had about an hour of wonderful light. The grandson of the owner came by and told me he has always heard it called "King Lake."

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