Thursday, October 30, 2014

Photographer's Journal: Winnsboro Lake

Bee Mine

So... now my son lives in Baton Rouge. And, oh, do I miss him! Well, not his laundry piled in front of the washer! But, mostly, I miss him.

The upside is now I have an excuse to drive to Baton Rouge with some regularity. Did that last weekend and spent a lovely 24 hours with him.

The drive to Baton Rouge and back is actually rather fun. I have found many places to stop along the way to do my favorite thing, the thing that is for me most like a ceaseless prayer of gratitude to the Creator of the Universe.

And one of my favorite places to stop is a small lake just south of Winnsboro on the west side of the highway. Last Saturday afternoon, not much was blooming anymore, except these little lavender asters that were covered with bees and butterflies.

I've gotten much better at identifying the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies I photographe, but I'm still pretty hopeless on the bees. Can anyone help with that?

BTW, I'll be at RiverMarket this Saturday with prints. Not this one, but lots of nice ones!