Monday, June 30, 2014

Photographer's Journal: Grosse Savanne

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Just returned from my first ever trip to the southwest corner of the state, where I spent this morning touring marshes and wetlands with Bobby Jordan of Grosse Savanne, a massive farming, fishing, hunting and eco-touring operation.

Beautiful and fascinating. This is the marsh we did by boat. Have many wonderful images to share and this one is a departure from my usual style.

The sedges, rushes and grasses of the marsh form lush patterns and textures, and the slightest breeze sets them in motion. So calming and restorative, like a good dream!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Photographer's Journal: Cooter's Bog

Snowy Orchid (Platanthera nivea)

I have a new favorite place to shoot wildflowers! Cooter's Bog is located in the Vernon Unit of the Kisatchie National Forest Calcasieu Ranger District, east of Highway 463 just a few miles north of Pitkin, La. It is an awesomely beautiful spot--always! But last Saturday, I and a few other wildflower-crazy friends from down that way hit the jackpot.

The bog is now dry enough to walk through and even kneel in without getting wet and muddy. And it was covered with blooms: white-topped sedge, bog buttons, bog pinks, rose gentian, colic root and more. But most impressive of all were the snowy orchids. I mean everywhere!

The first one we came upon was kind of by itself. So of course I got down on the ground and took every angle, plus both macros and full views. And then we walked farther and found bunches! I actually got to the point of passing them by without raising the camera! What fun.