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Monday, March 3, 2014

Photographer's Journal: Louisiana Landscapes

Palmetto Fields Forever

Yesterday I had the great privilege of preaching and leading Morning Prayer at Christ Church, St. Joseph. I love doing that. Beautiful church, lovely folks. Inexplicably, they also seem to appreciate my sermons. I mean, they always take me to lunch afterwards! :)

But I confess there's another reason I love to go to Christ Church: I leave a little early, take along a camera, and turn it into a bit of a photo outing as well. And if I'm really fortunate, as I was yesterday, the weather is beautiful and I had no Sunday afternoon obligations to force me home.

And so I spent a gorgeous afternoon stopping and shooting all up and down Highway 65. You'll see more of those photos in the coming weeks.

For the moment, this one I took on the way to St. Joseph. I have observed many times that while the trees are yet gray and leafless and most of the undergrowth has not yet come to life, the palmetto fields along Highway 65 are vibrant, glossy, dark green. And they extend as far as I can see standing on the roadway.

This photo looks like I've done a process called "selective color," which is to take out all of the color and then replace the color in only those items you want colored. But I didn't do that here. This is a full color photo. I love it precisely because it so clearly illustrates how the fresh, new palmettos--and a DMAP sign, of course--stand out in the otherwise gray landscape of early March woods in Louisiana.