Friday, January 3, 2014

Best of 2013: October

Eye of the Whale

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, I chose one of the few selfies I took this year. I kind of got burned out on selfies, plus I had so little time and The Selfy Sunday Project on Google+ seemed to roll around when I had no time.

But October is when I make my fall trip to Chicago, and this selfy is special in two ways. One is because I have loved and studied and collected whales and information about whales most of my life. Had I the aptitude for science, I would have been a marine biologist instead instead of a communications professor because of whales!

(Figurines! I collect whale figurines, of course, not whales, and I need to photograph some of them.... Hmmm. Sounds like a fun project.)

The second reason this is such a special selfy is because I was photowalking with a G+ friend, Lauri Novak, and we happened on to this wonderful whale sculpture totally by accident. And Lauri took a companion shot. And we were wearing nearly matching jackets, except mine was bright red and hers was bright green! (And if G+ hadn't totally screwed up the albums view recently, I'd post a link to hers, but as is I have no idea how to find it!)

And Lauri and I had just left G+'er Rafael Canabal, who had to cut his photowalk with us short for another engagement, and we were soon to meet up with G+'er Tom Tran, with whom we spent the afternoon. All in all, a lovely set of memories for the month of October.

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