Monday, July 1, 2013

New England Adventure

Rain Approaching Monument Mountain
I just returned from several days in New England. My first stop was Enders State Forest, just west if Bradley International Airport in Connecticut, and my last stop was my grad school friend Lisa's wedding in Amherst, Massachusetts.

In between, I spent a day hiking with a photographer friend and his family. I met Chris online through the Google+ photography community; he's the third photographer from the G+ community I have met in real life through my travels. Chris' wife and two of his teenagers joined us and we had a fabulous time. As I told Chris, I don't think I would agree to meet anyone I have met only online through any other social network than the G+ photography community--which is really quite special.

So..., here we are at the top of Monument Mountain near Stockbridge, Mass. when a rain storm approaches across the valley. It had been a serious climb and it was a hot, humid day so getting rained on was a pleasant prospect. However, the storm broke up in the valley and did not reach us. Indeed, seconds before this photo, it had been much darker and more threatening in appearance. By the time I got the proper lens on my camera and had framed and focused, it was already fading and breaking up.

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