Monday, June 17, 2013

Photographer's Journal: Dragonflies

Eastern Amberwing (Perithemis tenera)

This is a small dragonfly and he stayed on the other side of the drainage ditch, so this is not as close as I'd like. I say "he" because, based on descriptions of their behavior, I'm guessing it's a male. He stayed on this twig or sashayed out a ways and came back, which indicates he had chosen this as a mating site. Indeed, while I was watching, another one come in and out several times but did not stay. That was probably the female and maybe she didn't like the "amenities" of this spot!

This drainage ditch skirts the Arkla Flyers airfield just southwest of Mer Rouge, La. I spent over an hour there a week ago on my way home from leading Morning Prayer at St. Andrew's in Mer rouge. This is my third time to stop there. I love photographing the planes, but the drainage ditch draws birds, dragonflies and more.

On this particular outing, two really unusual dragonflies were cruising up and down the drainage ditch. One was pink, and it finally landed just briefly. I got one slightly out of focus shot. The other had a stark white body and very dark wings. It flew fast and never landed. I have never seen anything like it! So... must return and try again.

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