Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Annual BBBBB

Tiny Surprise

I did not realize I was photographing a spider until I got my macro lens focused on this wild phlox blossom!

"The Annual BBBB" is a weekend of fun, food and photography for plant/nature lovers, sponsored by the Louisiana Native Plant Society and conducted by Dr. Charles Allen. "BBBBB" stands for "Bogs, Baygalls, Birds, Butterflies, etc." The fifth B might stand for "Bugs," as we saw plenty of those. However, just to be clear, an arachnid is not properly called a "bug." Anyway.....

We had great fun this year and Allen Acres B&B, near Cravens, La., is a wonderful place to stay in west central Louisiana! I'll have many more photos to share from this trip.

BTW, this was taken in the Kissatchie National Forest.


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