Monday, April 29, 2013

Photographer's Journal


Beech among Pines
I love Beech trees in winter. They hold their pale, coppery gold leaves until spring. Their branches are near horizontal, and so, seeing them in a stand of pines struck by sunlight, I think of heavenly beings holding their arms out in blessing.

But... my attempts to show this in a photograph have never lived up to what I see in the woods! Of course, that is true of many things. This universe is true incarnation and does not bend to the will of even the best camera, lenses and photographers. That's fine. Indeed, good for the human ego.

But I keep trying. And this evening decided to dump the color from one of my attempts. Sometimes black & white shows color and light better than color! Kind of like it.

This was taken at ULM's Charles Allen Biological Station near Columbia, La.

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