Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Photographer's Journal: Camp Hardtner

Invitation to Stop
And I did. And took in the emerald water, the green grass, the golden brown of last summer's grass-like plant, and the balmy breeze coming across the lake. 

For Lent this year, I am following an online series by the Brothers of Saint John the Divine. It is about our relationship with time, which was the first thing in creation God called "holy." 

It has not been a surprise to me to learn already that my own relationship with time is pretty disordered.

Yesterday's lesson was about invitations to stop during the day. For the brothers, the monastery bells invite them to stop what they are doing for prayer four times a day. 

Scenes like the one above are my monastery bells. They are invitations from the universe to stop for a moment, drink in the beauty, give thanks. That I do so with a camera makes it no less prayer.


  1. Very beautiful, Bette. I like your monastery bells and your moments of pause. Blessings and peace to you this Lenten season. xo

    1. When my husband was dying at Sacred Heart Home in Philadelphia, the call to prayer bells were rung four times a day. I was raised in Catholic School where this was a daily ritual; the call to prayer. I am so glad that my husband got to spend his last month alive listening to those bells and preparing to meet his Creator.

    2. Thank you, Irene, and blessings to you!