Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Awesome 5 to Welcome, 2015!


I have never been any good a New Year's Resolutions. So, instead, because a friend of mine on G+ started it, I took a quick look back. So here's My Awesome 5 that are the jumping off point for 2015:

1. My son got engaged and now I have a lovely daughter-in-law-to-be, plus the hope of grandchildren! How awesome is that?

2. One of my G+ photo posts surpassed 100 +1's for the very first time---all the way to 349 +1's! Yes, I know and agree, the point is not the numbers. Nevertheless, after 3+ years of participating really quite a lot on G+, it feels like an awesome milestone. (For you FB'ers, a +1 is a "like.")

3. And just to say it wasn't a fluke, within a couple of weeks another post went past 100 all the way to 373 +1's! I hope that means my photography is getting better! Awesome.

4. I got wonderful support from many G+'ers and FB friends for the book project I've been working on. It has really kept me going and now I need to get cracking and finish it!

5. I have set a date for retirement. This might seem like an odd one, but... for me to know that in May 2017, I'm walking away from full-time teaching, come hell or high water, is liberating. It's an objective that will help me focus my efforts on doing the things that most need doing to make that happen. I'm excited.

BTW, I took this photo at Restoration Park in West Monroe, which really is a rather awesome place. I'm proud of West Monroe for healing that land.

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