Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Photographer's Journal: Charles Allen Biological Station

Glory, Glory

Sometimes I allow myself to think about the possibility of one day being able to spend all the time I want in the woods or on a prarie or in a swamp or around a lake or... wherever... even in the cleared way beneath power lines... with my camera, seeking.... what? I hardly know how to express what it is I seek... moments of total presence, God's presence in creation, my presence to creation... I call it "prayer."

And when I'm out there with my camera, I find those moments all around. Like in these cypress needles. I mean, have you ever really looked at cypress needles? Especially when they are still in the process of turning, as they are right now? Oh, my God! And I mean that quite literally.

But right now, my life is kind of insanely busy, and I have to settle for snatched time--like the hour I managed to grab last Saturday morning to walk into the Charles Allen Biological Station in the Copenhagen Hills to.... this.


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