Monday, January 23, 2012

Scanned Negatives Project

Basket & Bread
This photograph was taken in 1979. I was an undergraduate at Iowa, having gone back to school after the end of my first marriage. The Board of Regents of the State of Iowa sponsored a study abroad program, and I spent a summer in Spain through that program.

In Spain, I lived with a Spanish "mother" and this is how she stored the bread. And what wonderful bread it was! Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside and fresh every day.

My son gave me a scanner for Christmas. It is quite a wonderful piece of technology. This image is the result of a scanned b&w negative. This frame was marked on my contact sheet as one to print, but I never got around to printing it. I posted this image on Google+ yesterday, and that is the first it has been seen by another person!

This is just the first of hundreds of slides and negatives, b&w and color, that I will scan and share. I have been posting many images on Google+, but will do a better job of also posting them on my photo blog for those who aren't on Google+.

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